10 reasons to have a personal travel agent

September 23, 2018

Why would you want to have a personal assistant to make your hotel reservations?

Stress and urgency: these are the ways many hotel booking websites induce you to book hotels with them.

We know that buying a hotel online can be complicated. In fact, a study commissioned by Teletext Holidays in England found that travelers spent an average of 18 days planning their own vacations, including 13 hours of researching purely accommodations!

There are so many options across many different websites, even with those that search other websites; people spend a lot of time doing research and not the most friendly research honestly. It’s time and stress: hotels without availability, discouraging opinions from other users, confusing filters, an overwhelming number of offers, everything is about to be book, prices will change soon, rooms are sold out.  (Sounds familiar?)

travelers spent an average of 18 days planning their own vacations, including 13 hours of researching purely accommodations

there is no web more manipulative than an OTA search and reservation of hotels” – states another article from http://thenextweb.com when talking about the Online Travel Agencies.


Through the pressure of prices and urgency is how they manage to attract customers. The first thing will find when doing the search will be the options that offer “discounts”. So, the future client will feel special to see how hotels have discounts of up to 60% only for and for him. But then the pressure starts: “Your dates are very requested”; “Only 1 room is available on our website”; “Touch to hurry” (is it true?); “37 people watching at this moment”; “very requested hotel it has been booked 40 times in the last 24 hours” –

       Wait. give me a break. What stress! Did all this really happen?

Oh, and don’t forget about those who spend hours reading comments from other, users? Real users? Does anyone stop to read the good opinions that hotels are so concerned about getting? Let’s see an example: four stars with a score of 7.3 (quite low). However, the first one comes out, as the ideal hotel. No doubt because the hotel has a good agreement with the OTA, or what is the same, an over-commission.

At this point, these hotel booking websites already make you move almost by instinct. But let me ask you, we will allow them to win the game?

Users are facing a double-edged sword because they think that other users are taking away the rooms they want, which makes them affirm in its decision because if they reserve is because they really are good. So, the decision to reserve is almost taken, without having considered any other parameter.

hotel booking websites already make you move almost by instinct

Still wondering why to have a personal Travel Agent?

In today’s world, having a personal assistant is a trend and it’s a luxury at takeabed we make it possible for everyone to have their own takeabed travel agent. The takeabed agents improve the booking process, making it easier, safer and stress-free. Imagine a real recommendation from someone that has the same interests as you, someone that has already been there and someone that can get you the best price in the market (for real! PRO agents have wholesale rates and they are able to beat almost any hotel website price).

These are 10 reasons why to have a personal takeabed travel agent:

  1.     FREE – The service is free.
  2.     SAVE TIME – Time is the only thing in the world that cannot be bought. Don’t waste days, even weeks looking for the best price and recommendations, when you can get it all with a takeabed agent.
  3.     STRESS-FREE – No more stress trying to find the ideal hotel with the best price. Allow a takeabed agent to do all the work for you.
  4.     SAVINGS – You can save up to 40% on over 1,000,000+ hotels and resorts worldwide.
  5.     FITS YOU – Standard custom-tailored advice to your tastes and budget.
  6.     HUMAN TOUCH –  Human touch a la carte.
  7.     REAL RECOMMENDATIONS – From local and real people that you may know or have similar interests as yours.
  8.     CUSTOMER SERVICE – For its part, the takeabed platform provides support during your trip, support 24/7.
  9.     IN-APP VOUCHER – with the takeabed traveler app you don’t need to print your vouchers anymore.
  10.     PAY-ON-THE-GO – with the takeabed traveler app there’s no need for you to be next to your takeabed travel agent. They share their recommendations and you pay wherever they are, whenever you want.

Let our takeabed agents plan your vacations or business trip with personalized advice that guarantees you the best experience and the best price.

Stop wasting your time comparing hotels or comparing web pages.

Your time is preciousSay Hello to your personal #takeabedagent.


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