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June 5, 2019

So you’ve decided to become a takeabed travel agent but are you wondering how to find customers?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. At takeabed, we get asked this question a lot. The great thing is we have an answer for you. Not only do we offer you the tools to become a travel agent, but we’ve created this blog to answer your question and show you how to find customers.

We’re always here to help with tips, tricks, and training. Now let’s get into how you can find customers!


Friends & Family

You don’t have to be a salesperson to let your friends and family know that you can help them book their next trip so they can save time and money.

Your first sales will most likely come from the people you already know. This will also help you get used to the process so you can build more confidence in making sales with other people.

A great way to start is by asking the people you know if they plan to travel anytime soon. If they say “Yes,” ask them where and take the initiative by searching for a hotel to recommend to them. Send them one or multiple options for them to consider booking.

You know them best, so focus on hotel recommendations that are within their budget and preferences.


Social Media

Promoting yourself on social media is another excellent place to start. This is where most of the world connect. This means social media can be used as a tool to research people, looking for hotels, or who are traveling soon.

Sometimes, all it takes is doing a quick search of keywords inside the social media search bar. Find related posts about looking for travel or hotel recommendations. Send them a DM, comment on their post, and let them know you can help them.

Social Media


Create a Facebook Group / Business Page

People love to search social media, looking for what they need. Creating a Facebook, Google, or Yelp business page is also a great tool to make you stand out as a professional in the eyes of your customers.

Customers also love to work with people who have reviews and ratings that show experience. Unless you get your first sales, it may take time for you to get reviews. Something you can do in a short time is to write posts and content about your travel recommendations. This will help visitors see you as an expert and professional who knows the travel industry.

You have to show future customers confidence; that choosing you is the right choice.

How to setup a facebook business page:


Create a Business Website

Another great resource to promote yourself as a takeabed travel agent is to create a business website. There are dozens of sites today that allow you to make a website without coding skills. Sites like,, are very friendly and do it yourself options that will help you stand out.

Creating a business website will allow people to reach you and discover you when looking for travel agents online. It doesn’t have to be fancy; the goal is to explain and show customers that you are the right professional to help them book their hotels.

As a note this isn’t required, even those who don’t have sites can still do well as a takeabed travel agent.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners:
How to build a site in squarespace:
How to make a wordpress website:




Once you create a Facebook, Google, Yelp business page, or even a website, you can begin promoting yourself with advertising. You don’t need a large budget to find travelers. It can be done for as little as $4-10 a day.

As much as you can earn as a takeabed travel agent, that is well worth it.

We are also in the process of putting together videos for you to learn how to advertise. In the meantime, these are great resources we’ve found to help show you how to advertise on social media and Google.

Facebook Advertising for Beginners:
Google Adwords for Beginners:

Google Adwords:


Direct Outreach

Business owners and top executives often travel for business. This is an excellent source of potential customers as you can reach these people directly by doing some research.

Great tools to find business owners and top executives are LinkedIn and Facebook.
The upselling point with direct outreach for business owners and top executives is that you can save them a lot of time and money by doing the work for them. This type of customer is typically really busy, and you can make this part of a business simple.


Attend Local Events and Network

Another great way to meet new people and potential customers are to attend local events to Network. This will allow you to promote your business outside of your circle and start finding customers who can also share your services by word of mouth.

If you’re not an extrovert and don’t like attending large group gathers. We recommend joining Facebook groups or smaller meetup groups on


Promote on 3rd Party Sites

Today there are many sites available for you to promote your services as a business. You can put yourself out there as a takeabed travel agent on many of these sites and let possible travelers find you.

Making yourself visible and available to travelers will be the best thing you can do you for business. “If your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist” – Gary Vee.



Trade Shows

Attend local trade shows or markets and set up a booth. This will help you promote your business to people passing by at the event who may need your services. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be anything related to travel. The average person books a hotel at least once or twice a year, and that booking could put money in your bank account.


Want More Training?

If you liked these tips and want more training on how to use takeabed. Watch our tutorials on how to use the app:

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