Introducing takeabed

August 20, 2018

So you probably read that takeabed is turning people into a travel agent but…

What is takeabed?

It’s peer-to-peer travel marketplace, the first hotel booking app that is turning people intro travel agents. 

Everyone can join the takeabed travel community and become a takeabed travel agent. It’s free and only takes seconds to sign up, you only need an iPhone or Android smartphone. 

takeabed is changing the way hotels are booked!

Does it have any cost?

Both Apps are FREE, there’s no cost to download them.

The takeabed “Agent App” has two subscription models inside:

Free model

Once you create an account, you can start selling hotels that have similar prices to the ones you can find in or Expedia.

The main difference is that takeabed is paying you a commission (up to 15% over the total price) every time you book with them or you sell hotels to someone else. 

PRO model

Inside the Agent App, you can become a PRO agent (subscription model) by paying $25 dollars per month and this will allow you to adjust the commission and access to wholesale rates.

As a takeabed PRO Agent, you can save to yourself or your costumers 40-70% on over 1,000,000+ hotels and resorts worldwide and get paid up to 30% commission on the total price in every booking you make.

takeabed is the only company in the world paying up to 30% over the total price. Meaning, if you sell $500, you earn $150 ; or if you sell $3000, you earn $900 -in one single sale-.

Inside the takeabed “traveler app”, there is no subscription model as this app is intended for the traveler that is buying to the agent.

Find out more about Pricing here>>

Do I need any training or specific skills?

No, there is no need to be trainedThe App itself is easy to use, you just make a booking like you always did with other online platforms.

Indeed, when you travel you’re already doing a lot of work by planning, searching deals, researching and booking for yourself or others in different travel web pages, you are basically a do it yourself travel agent. For the first time, your booking is valuable. You can consider it as a job because takeabed pays you for doing this.

When you travel you’re already doing a lot of work by planning, searching deals, researching and booking for yourself or others in different travel web pages, you are basically a do it yourself travel agent.

How is this possible?

takeabed brings you access to unpublished prices that are not available to the general public; this basically means you will access rates that you will not find in any other travel website as these are wholesale rates.

In the travel industry of today, most of the profits go to the big corporations or middlemen that are between the hotels and the end-consumer. However, with takeabed this is different as they go directly to the source and shares all these profits with their agents. 

takeabed is the first travel company with a share economy model. They are giving the power back to the people.

Why 2 apps and how they work together?

As an agent, you have your own Agent App where you can search for the best hotel deals and even adjust your commission (earnings) if you are PRO. But, how would you share and sell hotels to your customers? Would you have to have their credit card details? or you would need to meet them to make the transaction? Well, the answer is no and that is why takeabed created the “traveler app”.

The traveler app was securely built and design so the customers can easily book the agent recommendations, whenever they want and from wherever they want. Also, once they book the selected hotel they have customer support service access from the app as well as an in-app voucher they can use to check-in at the hotel without the need of printing the voucher.

So, from the Agent App you will search for the best deals to your customers and adjust your commission if necessary. The only thing you need to know from your customer is their “traveler ID” that they can find inside the app once they create the account. This traveler ID will be used by you to share recommendations and hotel deals.

The only thing you need to know from your customer is their “traveler ID”…

When the customer completes the booking from the traveler app, the commission is reflected in the agent’s account. Is that simple! 

As a quick note – Agents can also pay their own hotels from the same agent application.

You can find a summary of how both apps work in their page here>>

How to get customers?

For the client this service is completely free, they save money and time.
For you, it is easy super easy to get customers. Why? Because you have the best prices in the market.

takeabed highly recommends you to promote yourself and tell everyone about your amazing deals.

Some tips takeabed gives you are:

  1. When starting out they recommend you start with the people you know. We all know someone who travels or friends who know people that travel.
  2. Starting with your circle will allow you to practice and convey the amazing deals you have to offer. Furthermore, remember the greatest thing is that you can save your friends, family and network money… once they know that, they will start spreading the word. 
  3. Create content that tells everyone what you can do for them (videos, post or images). Just remember to be creative, you know your audience best so create content they will relate to and like.
  4. Connect and network with the travel community. Use forums, facebook groups, and local meetups to connect with people who travel.
  5. Also this is a work for yourself app, so think of takeabed as your business. Innovate by running your own ads to find more leads and target people searching for travel deals online. For example, ads services provided by Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google | Yelp
  6. Call, email and do face to face connection with potential customers. Remember doing follow-ups will help and don’t forget to ask for reviews on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

takeabed gives you a marketing package you can download from their webpage, so you can promote yourself with high-quality images and some phrases and hashtags their know they work.

Visit their website, in the “Get Customers” section to find out more. Or you can watch the company tutorials in their YouTube

Upselling points to remind your customers.

Save Money

They save money by booking with a takeabed agent. Challenge your customers to compare your prices with other travel websites. 

Save Time

They save a lot of time avoiding doing the research. Seriously, when you are planning a trip you spend hours and days searching for the best deal, with takeabed YOU are the best deal.


The service and traveler app are completely free.

ZERO Stress 

You will be taking all the stress out of travel planning. 

24/7 Customer Support

Once the customer book with you, takeabed will handle everything. NO stress for you and your customer is covered 24/7 for any issues or concern.

Travel Ready

Once the customer book using the traveler app, they can manage they reservation from their app (ask for help, cancel it or contact support). Also, they have an in-app voucher to check-in at the hotel and there’s more features coming soon for the traveler app.

Do they offer any other travel service?

For the moment, the answer is no.

takeabed will add more services in the near future. Version 2, will include traveler leads and “local experts”.

So…what should we expect next?

takeabed is working on the following features that they will release on September:

  • PRO MEMBERS FREE TRIAL – In order to allow the users to try the PRO membership for free, takeabed is launching a free trial period. If you purchase a monthly subscription, they will give you 3 days. If you purchase an annual subscription, they will give you 10 days.
  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – They will not have this option where you can save up to 50% on memberships if you do annual instead of monthly.
  • PRICE PER NIGHT/NO TAX – Thanks to takeabed customers feedback, the company was showing before the total price from the results page, but this was confusing for many people. Due to that, now they will be showing the price per night without tax as most of the online hotel booking platforms do.
  • INVITE A TRAVELER – A feature requested many times by customers as well. Now you will be able to send your customers a direct link so they can download the takeabed traveler app.
  • UI / UX IMPROVEMENTS – This is a non-stop improvement. takeabed is targeting to have all their design changed by October 2018.
  • MORE DEALS COMING – takeabed recently partnered with new hotels and suppliers. So expect to have more great deals shown.

Press mentions?

Well, they are just starting but here you have some:

I hope this helps you to understand takeabed better. For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate in writing me at

Finally, I also want to thank you for taking the time to read our blog.


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