Savvy Traveler

April 2, 2019

What Makes You a Savvy Traveler?

Savvy traveler



Do you enjoy traveling to different places, meeting people and learning new things? Would you enjoy all these more if you could earn money while booking your next hotel? If you answered YES (with a big smile on your face) to these questions, then you are a Savvy Traveler!

As Savvy, takeabed makes booking hotels rewarding and straightforward. Use the app to find the best hotel or resort for your destination. Book when and where you want and earn money by doing so.


Why Is takeabed Good for You?

Think about your traveling future; you can use the money you earn to plan your next trip or maybe, to extend your current trip a bit more. You are in control of your earnings to decide based on the money you get after booking.

takeabed offers you great deals, lower prices and a way of earning money. Our innovative and easy-to-use app allows you to research and book hotel knowing you will get the best prices in the market.

Download the app for free and explore your hotel options… it is easy to use, and as a Savvy traveler, you will definitely be happy when you see your first earnings.

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