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Giving power back to people!

takeabed is a hotel booking app that turns people into travel agents. We allow anyone to earn money by booking hotels for friends, family or anyone around the world.

Our mission is empower the people.

That's right! We reward you to share and book hotels for travelers. If you’ve ever booked a hotel for yourself you can become a travel agent with takeabed. This is because when you’re booking a trip online, regular travel agents are nowhere to be found; this forces you to act as your own travel agent. So, if you’re doing the work you’re acting as a ‘do-it-yourself’ travel agent and now with takeabed, your booking is valuable.

With takeabed, you can become an entrepreneur and decide when you want to work and where. You can sell to anyone from anywhere working remotely. We give you access to 1,000,000+ hotels and resorts worldwide with exclusive industry discounts of 40% to 70%. These discounts are usually hidden to the public, but with takeabed you can now take advantage of them and help others to save money while you earn a commission. Make recommendations and share hotels with your friends, family or others and when they book, you’ll get the commission. takeabed is the only company in the market that pays you up to 30% on what you sell,

It’s that easy! When you download the takeabed agent app and create an account. You instantly become a takeabed travel agent and are ready to start selling.

Say Hello to takeabed, it is time to get rewarded!

The team

Together we carry over 20+ years in the travel, marketplace and on demand economy space.

Our focus at takeabed is creating as many jobs, experiences and opportunities for travelers as possible. - Brayson

Working from anywhere

We all live different lifestyles but this shouldn’t stop us from living our dream. Since takeabed is a peer-to-peer mobile app you can work remote selling and booking hotels from anywhere. We love to see photos of our agents working from crazy, beautiful and off the beatin path places. Don’t forget to tag us with #evenfromhere to get featured

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