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Our Mission Is to Help Modern Travelers Monetize Their Travel Knowledge and Experience!

We give you, the knowledgeable and experienced traveler, the tools and possibilities to make money through hotel bookings.

How Does It Work?

We are partners with around 1 million hotels around the world. They give us a commission for every booking made thought takeabed. Then, we share that commission with you.
It is a simple, clear and transparent procedure. No markups or fees but you still get the best rate available while making money on each of your bookings.

Our focus at takeabed is creating as many jobs, experiences and opportunities for travelers as possible. - Brayson

Earn From Anywhere

We all live different lifestyles, but it shouldn't stop you from living your dreams. We designed takeabed with this premise in mind to give you full control over how and when you earn money.

Some travelers want to book for themselves, but some others need your experience and advice to plan their perfect trip. As PLUS member you can help them save time,money and get the best place possible.

Time: you will be in charge of finding the best hotel for them.

Money: as PLUS member, you will offer them exclusive rates which are not available anywhere else.

Keeping up with takeabed

Read our latest blog and see what we are working on behind the scenes.

You Have the Talent. We Have the Opportunity!

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